Spectacular scenery beats triathlon history

Oman is a recent entrant to the triathlon scene. What it lacks in history it makes up for spectacular scenery and warm hospitality. Reasons enough for MetaSport to join hands with a local organiser, Oman Sports Zone, to organise the Triathlon Festival Oman in 2019.

Recognising the need to diversify their revenue sources from oil and gas, the Oman government is betting on tourism, including sports tourism. As a result, Haute Route (cycling), UTMB (trail running) and Ironman (triathlon) have all started events in the sultanate in 2019. The Ironman in Oman is the least scenic event of the ones mentioned. It also did not have a pro race, but with Rafael Wyss (3rd) and Nathasha Badman (1st) it had some ex-professional triathletes adding a little prestige.

If you ever make it to Muscat, make sure you add a few days to explore the country. Unlike most of the east coast of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman has dramatic mountain scenery.

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